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Blissful Escape Artists

This is a chapbook of memorable poems for every facet of your life. This debut collection is the first of several to come. These poems are from a writer with an unusual beginning, who has overcome multiple obstacles, and started a new phase of life each time. The poems are many of the same realities holding others back from their authentic selves. These experiences may hold one back, yet simultaneously prepare them to escape! Everything is accompanied by beautiful pictures to enhance and ignite the emotions behind the words. You will find verses that encourage, inspire, and provoke thought. Survivors and thrivers who overcome physical and/or mental health challenges are represented. Read some of the childhood sentiment, romantic impressions, heartache, and pain that may have visited you too. What happens when you practice how to escape from the hurt and find your bliss? You will see the transformation to "Stormancepoet" in the next collection. Join Rachael DK, the Stormance Poet, on this journey, starting with the escape!